Environmental benefits cold foil printing technique

Environmental Benefits

The impact that cold foil as an innovative technique has on the environment is fractional compared with the use of pre-metalized cardboard used for the more traditional technique.

Inline cold foil is the perfect compromise if you want to put a striking, glossy packaging on the shelves and spare the environment.

The benefits of cold foil compared with pre-metalized cardboard:


  • just the thin tinfoil layer will be attached to the cardboard, not the laminate (which is recovered on the printing press)
  • as a result, it weighs less
  • tinfoil is only used in parts where it has to be visible on the cardboard
  • no use of extra covering white ink type
  • no use of UV inks or UV varnishes (while inks on a vegetable basis are used)
  • no interference with the recycling process of cardboard, as no plastics are used on the surface

Sample calculation of the difference between cold foil application and printing in pre-metalized cardboard

If 40% of the printing surface gets a foil aspect, the following values in surface % apply:

* based on single-side printing of 1000 cardboard print sheets on 70 x 100 cm

Productions are realised with 100% “green power” partly produced by our solar units installed on the roof of our printing-company and our FSC (R) certification

Metalized cardboard
Cardboard with cold foil
100 %
Laminate (Polyester)
100 %
Covering white ink
UV ink
100 %
Vegetable ink
Weight increase *
+11,60 kg *
+0,01 kg *