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We help you to make exceptional printed matter and eye-catching packaging for your customers.

With our many years of expertise in cold foil printing, we are happy to answer your questions about cold foil, hot foil, digital foil, metallic printing effects, metallised graphic artworks.

Grafische Groep Matthys takes a number of new measures in the area of ​​environmental protection. Because, like you, we believe it is very important to ensure a healthy environment for future generations. Since the beginning of 2011 we have been calculating and producing exclusively with electricity from our solar modules and green electricity from renewable energy sources. FSC (R) certified (FSC-C120442).

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The contour of a product tells us what it is and is the first aspect we determine on an object. Colour, brand mark, graphical devices and fonts are being noticed later. According to Braun and Braun (1) ‘gloss derives its commercial and aesthetic values from attracting attention’. They state that gloss appears to mimic motion. This must be because of the reflection of light. Motion is even stronger than contour. Evolutionary seen we look at motion first because if we did not, we could be eaten. This implies that gloss is deeply rooted in the biological heritage.

A packaging with gloss determines the first moment of truth: seeing the product.

Prof. Roland ten Klooster – Professor Packaging Design and Management – University of Twente