Graphic Group Matthys in Turnhout Belgium invested in a new platesetter and chemistry-free plates from Agfa Graphics, aiming to achieve a substantial reduction in the environmental footprint by saving 50,000 liters of clean drinking water and 2,000 liters of chemicals every year.

On an annual basis water consumption is reduced to 100 liters and the total chemistry consumption is replaced by 100 liters or Ph7 neutral eraser. As a consequence, both supply and transport or chemical products are reduced to an absolute minimum. For Group Matthys, this is an important further step to make its production with the innovative 'inline cold foil' or 'cold foil printing technology' equally more environmentally friendly.
The brothers Pascal, Eric, Philip and Davy Matthys are the third generation managing the family-owned Graphic Matthys Group. They currently employ 26 people. Since 2008 they specialize in luxury graphic productions with cold foil printing. Applications range from book and magazine covers to greeting cards, luxury packaging, high-quality business cards and company brochures. In this market every single application poses a new challenge. They find their customers in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and even beyond, where Graphic Group Matthys has become a major player in the segment of high-quality printing and packaging.
Pascal Matthys, co-owner, is operationally responsible for the production. The underlines that their customers value environmentally friendly solutions: “Cold foil printing is one of the most environmentally friendly solutions for luxury folding carton packaging applications and graphic productions. We work almost exclusively with vegetable-based inks and water-based finishing layers, combined with paper and cardboard with green labels. Add to that our green power supported by solar panels and the new chemistry-free CtP system to close the circle. At the end we save 50,000 liters of drinking water so we can serve 2.5 million cups of coffee to our customers. Every Year! ”