Grafische Groep Matthys

Brand owners and marketing departments

We partner with brand owners and marketers

What do we offer you?

Getting your brand noticed. With convincing graphic communication on paper and cardboard. Standing out on the shop shelf, that’s what we help you with.

A metallic look, foil printing, creates reflection of the light. That reflection suggests that your packaging is “in motion”. And movement is immediately noticeable, which in turn is a human reflex. So seeing that “movement” creates attention for your product. And attention is the stepping stone to sales. Because a product that does not seduce is often overlooked.

Seduction can be achieved alongside those printed communications in leaflets, POS top cards, counter displays, … also in cardboard packaging.

We are happy to help your packaging designer to visualise your brand attributes and your marketing, and enhance it with our eye-catching cold foil printing.

Through our cooperation with dozens of graphic companies and folding cardboard printers, we can realise our striking printing technique together with your regular suppliers. Together, we are stronger to offer you optimal value for money.

What do we make for you:

Folding cardboard packaging, POS printing sheets, gift boxes, posters, shelf cards, labels on plano sheets, …

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Why choose
Grafische Groep Matthys?

Specialists in cold foil printing since 2008

Conscious choice for recycling & sustainability

Passion for exceptional printing

Inspirational material

We support our customers with lots of inspiration material. For instance, our brochure (28 pages of viewing pleasure) is completely neutral and we will gladly send you an extensive sample pack. And our ambassadors visit you to listen to your questions and share their expertise.

New since November 2022, possibility to print with UV inks and finish with gloss or matt UV varnish, in one go on our printing press. Of course in combination with cold foil printing so that new materials (including plastics) can also be printed.

BRCGS foodsafe standard

We are BRCGS certified for secondary packaging