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Cold Foil

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What is Cold Foil


The adhesive layer is applied by the first printing tower. Via a standard printing plate the adhesive layer is printed on the paper exactly where the foil should go.
At the second printing tower, the printing sheet is pressed against the silverfoil. The foil attaches itself sharply and 100% durable to the adhesive layer. The non-contact sheet transport with aerodynamic air tracks guarantees scratch and blemish-free printing production. Due to the very accurate fit, the data for the film can be formatted as data for an additional PMS color.
The CMYK color printing + Pantone printing (6 colors possible in one run) starts from the third printing tower. The entire sheet can now be printed in full color: both the unprinted and the metallized part. A dispersion varnish is applied as a protective layer.


Cold Foil makes it possible to provide the printing sheets with metallic effects in a single print run by using real foil as a spot – applied locally. It is the most environmentally friendly technique to produce luxury packaging.

Options with silver foil, gold foil, rainbow foil (holographic) and CMYK or Pantone printing for all metallic shades on 1 printing sheet.

Printing proofs with Cold Foil

Because standard colour proofs cannot simulate full colour with cold foil printing, there is the possibility of ordering a real press proof with cold foil to support the graphic design / creation process. 
This press proof is a very good representation of the full colour printing in combination with our cold foil but remains an approximation as to the final printing result during final production.
The standard paper for the proof print is 250 gr. MC gloss. Besides cold foil silver and CMYK, we also provide an all-over glossy dispersion varnish as standard. If the production is printed on a different quality, this will affect the print result.
A different quality of paper, cardboard or varnish can be chosen after consultation. 
Our foil proof is therefore informative and not 100% binding, but it is an excellent starting point for the final production.
We print this foil proof every Wednesday or Thursday in the odd-numbered weeks. The printfile must be in our possession on Tuesday of the same week at the latest, your file will be printed in that week.
Depending on any finishing, the proof will be sent by overnight at the latest the following Monday.



1/8 (format A4+) = 150 Euro
1/4 (format A3+) = 250 Euro
1/2 (2x A3+) = 350 Euro
3/4 (3x A3+) = 450 Euro
1/1 (4x A3+ of format 70×100) = 520 Euro

Frequently asked questions

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Small runs and combination printing

This proposal offers you the unique opportunity to have your creations printed with the innovative “inline cold foil” technique at interesting combination printing rates. 500 business cards ? 500 invitations ? 1000 A5 cards ? …. A small print run, with a wonderful printing technique, at a very competitive price.
All items are printed 5*/4 (* 1 side with ʻinline cold foilʼ) + finished on both sides with matt dispersion varnish. We print on a quality 400 gr matt two-sided coated paper, excellent for high-quality business cards, invitations, folders, … By collecting these orders on a large format 70×100 cm printing sheets, everyone enjoys a competitive price. After all, the starting costs are shared by all participants. The quantity per ordered item is standard 500 ex (with possibility of 500 ex extra up to a total print run of 3000 ex). Your order  is delivered, cut to the indicated size.
Additional finishing: scoring / punching … price on request.
The combination orders are printed weekly. Of course, you can always request an individual quote if your specifications deviate from the mentioned specifications. In that case, your order will be printed completely individually and a different delivery date is possible by mutual agreement.
You can request our latest price list by mail.

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