When you prepare a ‘traditional’ print order, there is an option to turn your CMYK file into a digital Epson colour proof. This colour proof is an excellent reference point for the colour of your final print work. For a foil order it is not possible to simulate the final foil effect and printing on the foil with a digital colour proof, and therefore Grafische Groep Matthys offers you the opportunity to have a real press proof at a competitive price. It enables you to take the right decisions about the use and the printing on foil in your creations.



Depending on the number of requests, we collect all the proof requests on a weekly or fortnightly basis. We print a complete 72x102cm plano sheet with 8 times an A4 position or 4 times an A3 position on a standard paper type (MC Satin). The print is only single-sided in CMYK with ‘inline cold foil’ and a dispersion varnish finish.Paper: 150-200 gr Satin MC. Other versions upon request.You receive your proof in an A4+ or A3+ end format. Within the A4/A3 space you can enter the various CMYK shades on the foil to make a subsequent choice from the different effects. The graphic design is completely open to you. You can fill the foil part as you wish, provided the proof is run on full foil capacity. You will receive a number of copies of your proof.


Delivery of digital material, preferably a PDF-file.
Desired date of test printing, always in consultation on a weekly or biweekly basis.


  • 1/8 (size A4 +) = EUR 150
  • 1/4 (size A3 +) = EUR 250
  • 1/2 (2x A3 +) = EUR 350
  • 3/4 (3x A3 +) = EUR 450
  • 1/1 (4x A3 + or size 72 × 102) = EUR 520

Excluding shipping costs (in consultation, depending on timing)