Grafische Groep Matthys


Cold foil printing is 100% suitable for food packaging

We work with foodsafe materials

One of the advantages of paper and cardboard is food safety. Folding cardboard is extremely suitable for numerous food packaging products such as boxes and sleeves for biscuits and chocolate.

At Grafische Groep Matthys, we specialise in large-format folding cardboard printing sheets (72×102 / 74×106 cm) at various weight ranges for luxury packaging.

We work with foodsafe – low migration inks – on your food packaging productions.

The adhesive ink is always foodsafe, as are the cold foil and the dispersion varnish. Only the cmyk and pms inks are switched to the foodsafe variant on request to match 100% with all aspects of food safety.

On request, we will provide you with all certificates of the used materials.

We are BRCGS certified

BRCGS Packaging Materials

“Printing (offset and cold foil), die-cutting, cutting, folding, gluing, laminating and varnishing (dispersion and UV) of cardboard packaging for indirect contact with food and hygiene sensitive goods.”