The environmental impact of cold foil printing is fractional compared to pre-metalized cardboard.
Inline cold foil is the perfect solution for a striking design.

Inline cold foil is the perfect compromise between eye-catching, shiny selling packaging on the shelf and attention to the environment.

BENEFITS OF COLD FOILcompared to metalized cardboard

  • just the thin foil layer is glued on the cardboard, not the carrier.
  • less weight
  • foil is only present where needed for the design
  • cold foil as a spot printing means no need to add whitening
  • no use of UV inks or UV varnish
  • no disruption in the cardboard recycling process by avoiding plastics on the surface

In case of 40% foil surface, following values apply:

* based on single-side printing of 1000 cardboard print sheets on 70 x 100 cm

We manufacture with 100% green power partly produced by our solar units installed on the roof of our building. We are FSC® certified (FSC-C120442). Ask about our options for FSC® certified printing. Look for the FSC® logo for our FSC® certified products.

Metalized cardboard

Glue 100%
Aluminum 100%
Lamination (Polyester) 100%
Whitening 60%
UV inks 100%
Vegetable inks 0%
Increase weight 12kg

Cardboard with coldfoil

Glue 40%
Aluminum 40%
Lamination (Polyester) 0%
Whitening 0%
UV inks 0%
Vegetable inks 100%
Increase weight 0.1 kg


Choosing paper and cardboard for your communication or packaging is a first important step.
In Belgium and the Netherlands, up to 88% of the paper and cardboard is recycled.
That is a top performance in Europe.


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