Grafische Groep Matthys

24 May 2023

BRCGS Packaging Materials

We achieved BRCGS Packaging Materials certification for the second year in a row. Your foodsafe folding carton productions are welcome.

Harrods cold foil printed packaging BRCGS chocolate food packaging

Unlocking Excellence: The Crucial Role of BRCGS Certification in Packaging Printing

In the dynamic landscape of packaging printing, ensuring the highest standards of quality, safety, and compliance is paramount. For a dedicated packaging materials printer specializing in folding cartons with the cold foil printing technique, obtaining a BRCGS (British Retail Consortium Global Standards) certification is not just a mark of distinction; it’s a strategic imperative. This certification serves as a testament to the commitment towards meeting global benchmarks, safeguarding product integrity, and fortifying client trust.

Elevating Quality and Compliance

Achieving BRCGS certification is a rigorous process that involves comprehensive assessments of various aspects of the production process. From raw material sourcing to final product delivery, every stage is meticulously scrutinized. For a folding carton printer, this translates to a robust quality management system that aligns with international safety standards. It’s not just about printing and foilprinting; it’s about ensuring that every fold, every cut, and every detail adheres to the stringent criteria set forth by BRCGS.

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Global Recognition for foodsafe coldfoil printing packaging and Market Access

BRCGS certification is not merely a badge; it’s a key that unlocks doors to global markets. In an industry where packaging requirements vary across borders, having this certification is a clear signal of a printer’s commitment to delivering products that meet or exceed international expectations. It enhances credibility, opens avenues for collaboration with global brands, and positions Grafische Groep Matthys – a folding carton printer with coldfoil printing technique – as a reliable partner capable of navigating diverse regulatory landscapes.

In conclusion, for a printer specializing in packaging materials, particularly in folding cartons, investing in BRCGS certification is a proactive step towards excellence. It is not just a certification; it’s a strategic move that fosters quality, compliance, and market leadership in an ever-evolving industry.

Our BRCGS coldfoil printing packaging materials certificate: