Grafische Groep Matthys

20 July 2022

“Lion” insert in PRINTmatters

Nice that you are curious about our special insert/information page in the finishing special of PRINTmatters. We are happy to take you behind the scenes and let you discover how this “lion” was printed.

Enchanting Graphic Innovation: Discover Cold Foil Printing with Grafische Groep Matthys

Step into the fascinating world of cold foil printing, where printing becomes an art form. Experience the magic in our latest YouTube video, inspired by the striking insert in the Dutch trade magazine Printmatters. This video takes you behind the scenes at Grafische Groep Matthys, revealing the extraordinary printing process that sets the standard.

In the video, you will discover the in-depth details of cold foil printing, where each print is a masterpiece in itself. Grafische Groep Matthys, a leading name in the printing industry, shows how innovation and craftsmanship come together to deliver stunning results. The insert from Printmatters serves as a vivid example of the stunning possibilities offered by this printing process.

Driven by passion and expertise, we will take you on a journey through the printing process, where creativity and technology go hand in hand. Don’t miss the chance to discover how this impressive printing technique takes print to new heights. Watch the video, get inspired and share in the excitement of graphic innovation with Grafische Groep Matthys.

YouTube video