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13 November 2023

Printing sheets for displays and other POS (point of sale) productions

Did you know that – also for your displays – plano printing sheets with 1001 metallic foil print colours are within reach?

Your display printing company can have ‘large format’ paper or folding carton printing sheets refined with us using a high-quality cold foil printing technique. A great option to add gold-silver-bronze and 1001 other foil colours to the retail look and feel, enticing customers with impactful printing. 

In this article, I would like to take you through the special foil printing options for your eye-catching plano printing sheets. 

Cold Foil printed sheet for POS

Printing sheets for displays and other POS – point of sale – productions

When it comes to printing and finishing shop displays made of paper and cardboard, there are several graphic production options available to create attractive and effective displays. I will first give you an overview of some of these production options. I would also like to explain in which segment we can offer you special foil printing added value: 

Digital printing:

Ideal for small to medium runs and fast production. Offers possibilities for personalisation, as each copy can be printed individually. Can be quickly adapted for last-minute changes in designs.

Screen printing:

Screen printing is often used for special-effect displays or on non-planar surfaces. It is suitable for both paper and cardboard and can be applied to a variety of materials.

Flexo printing:

Flexo printing is ideal for displays containing large amounts of information or repeated patterns. Often used for displays with simple designs and high print runs.

Inkjet printing:

Inkjet printing can be used to print high-resolution images and text on displays. This technology offers good colour reproduction and is suitable for small-scale production.

Offset printing:

Offset printing is a widely used printing method for producing high-quality and colourful shop displays. It uses metal plates to transfer ink onto a rubber roller, which is then transferred to the paper or cardboard. Suitable for medium to large print runs of displays.

In offset printing production for shop displays, Grafische Groep Matthys can support the look of your display with special printing sheets with 1001 metallic foil printing effects. Therein lies our strength and we offer you significant innovative added value. 

Coldfoil gold printed packaging display

What specifically does cold foil printing for your POS materials entail over offset printing?

Let us first start with the format and material. In the offset printing world, we like to show off our ‘large format’. And for many productions, this is a fair description but we realise that within the display world, a format of 720 x 1020 mm is rather a medium and sometimes small format. Incidentally, paper or cardboard from production can still be scaled up to 740 x 1060 mm. 

If you think in terms of possibilities instead of limitations, there is the conclusion that you can do a lot with such a flat sheet format in separate elements that give a display extra allure. Think for example of a top card, or a graphic element such as a star, an arrow, a promotional area, a position for a slogan, etc

Material from 115 g, with a preference for large foil surfaces from 135 g gloss or silk paper, which can be easily glued or laminated onto various types of corrugated board or solid board/greyboard. And of course easy to scale up to folding carton in grammages of 180-500 gr. 

We now even have the option – by printing with UV inks and UV drying – to apply the unique cold foil print to plastic sheets. 

The most important aspect is the degree to which the top layer of the material is coated. So paper and cardboard that is coated on at least one side, which is almost always used for displays and POS materials. 

How does the cold foil printing technique for plano sheets work?

In the first printing tower, we print an ink with a higher tensile strength (adhesive ink) with an ordinary offset plate. So very detailed and without having to incur cliché costs. The second printing tower is used to transfer the foil print to the paper or cardboard via the glue ink. In the same detail, razor-sharp, both with silver and gold foils or holographic foils (foils whose colour varies rainbow-like with the incidence of light). By then printing perfectly in register with CMYK and/or PMS colours on and alongside the foil, we can transform the applied cold silver foil (if the source is silver foil printing, but can also be printed on the other foils) into 1001 metallic foil colours. A protective matt or glossy dispersion varnish provides the finishing touch to the flatbed printing sheet. 

Cold foil printed packaging

Afterwards, it suffices to incorporate the foil-printed paper and board sheets into your display POS product and take a few final steps towards the point of sale:

Cutting and die-cutting:

Displays are cut and die-cut to get the desired shape and dimensions. Laser cutting is often used for precision work and complex designs.

Folding and gluing:

After printing and cutting, printed sheets are folded and glued to create the desired display shape.


If the shop display contains multiple components, these are attached to the main frame during assembly.

Packaging and shipping:

The completed displays are packaged for shipment to shops, often even with the product capped so that shop personnel can quickly and efficiently display the display. 

1001 metallic colors silver colfoil and cmyk


When selecting the right graphic production options for shop displays, factors such as run length, design requirements, budget and timeframe should be considered. It is also important to consider sustainable materials and manufacturing practices to promote an eco-friendly approach to production.

Displays made of paper and cardboard with cold foil printing are fully allowed in the regular waste paper stream. Cold foil printing does not interfere with the recycling process of paper and cardboard, allowing you to confidently make this choice and thus contribute to the renewability of your display. Of course, this statement is substantiated with lab tests and an independent report, available via this link. 

Assess the effects of cold foil printing on paper and cardboard yourself and request our extensive documentation. There is the inspiration brochure of over 24 pages with effects in silver and gold foil, matt and gloss laminate, spot uv lacquer, matt and gloss dispersion lacquer and, of course, the 1001 metallic foil print effects. And also on cardboard, there is a unique foil print cardboard sample box that takes you through this innovative finishing printing technique. 

Request our documentation here.