Grafische Groep Matthys

12 December 2022

Reportage on Inkish TV

Get to know our capabilities in this fascinating report on Inkish TV.
Discover Grafische Groep Matthys and the cold foil printing process.

Cold foil embellishment on Inkish TV

Discover the fascinating world of cold foil embellishment in this captivating journey led by Jacques Michiels and Jan Majnik from INKISH. In the year 2022, their exploration took them to Turnhout, Belgium, renowned as the “Printvalley of Flanders.” Nestled within this historic city are some of the most innovative printing companies, including global leaders like Cartamundi, which has been operating printing presses since 1765 and stands as the world’s largest manufacturer of playing cards and board games.

Pioneer in coldfoil printing since 2008

Within this vibrant printing community, our attention was captivated by Grafische Groep Matthys, a pioneer in Coldfoil technology. This technique, employed for years by Matthys, has played a pivotal role in shaping the industry. This film unravels the mysteries of Coldfoil, delving into its intricate workings and showcasing the industrial production process at Grafische Groep Matthys.

As we embark on this cinematic journey, we explore every facet of COLD FOIL, demystifying its steps and uncovering its creation in an industrial setting. Insights from the VIGC (Flemish Innovation Center for Graphic Communication), an independent organization in Turnhout, shed light on the evolving landscape of print embellishment. They also offer valuable recommendations for printers venturing into embellishment solutions.

Meet the team – Vincent Servais

Meet the passionate team at Matthys, who generously share their story and commitment to helping customers SHINE – quite literally and vibrantly! This outstanding film is an invaluable resource. Watch, learn, like, and share it to join the conversation about the transformative power of Coldfoil in the world of print.

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