4 brothers Matthys, the 3rd generation, active in the family business. 30 experienced employees with many years of experience in the printing industry.


Located in the graphic city of Turnhout (B), next to the E34 motorway, easily accessible from Eindhoven, Tilburg, Breda, Hasselt and Antwerp.


Quick and flexible approach, due to the independent family-business nature of the company and a 3-shift system for continuous production.

Because moving images tell so much more. Be inspired by the numerous foil printing effects and take a look behind the scenes of our company.


In 1946 Rik Matthys started his own printing company in the historic graphic city of Turnhout. This grew into a real family business and quickly established itself as an offset printing company.
In 1984 it was Ludwig, the eldest son's turn, to start his own business: the "Turnhoutse Photogravure". He also managed to develop a progressive and successful company in a few years time.
In 1998, both family businesses decided to combine their activities under one name and, under the leadership of Ludwig, to form a solid foundation for the success of the company that has since been transformed into "Grafische Groep Matthys". We look to the future with confidence, because in the meantime Ludwig's four sons guarantee the continuation of this success story.

From bits and bytes to ink, paper and cardboard!


  • Vellen-offset drukkerij in Turnhout met een recente drukpers op groot formaat (72x102cm).
  • Strong in full color printing on MC and offset papers
  • Extensive knowledge of printing on all types of cardboard for packaging
  • Modern finishing in-house: folding, stapling, punching, laminating, ...
  • Modern Zünd cutting table for blank packaging models
  • Since 2008 we have specialised in the unique “inline cold foil” print work with silver-foil effects. These options outclass classic foil printing.
  • Competitively priced standard printing combinations via Postfly.be


Drukken is ons vak. Al meer dan 60 jaar, over 3 generaties heen.
Thanks to the financially sound basis of the family business, there is always room to continue to invest in efficient and modern machines.
De Grafische Groep Matthys beschikt over een grootformaat full color vellen-drukpers (drukformaat 72x102cm en 74x106cm) met mogelijkheden voor 2x extra PMS + dispersielak.

We are strong in small and medium-sized runs of brochures, leaflets, posters, business cards, stationery, ... and of course our wide range for special packaging. Shiny printing, metal printing, silver foil printing, foil printing, cold foil printing, cold foil, metal effect, metal or metal printing, foil effect, the evolution of the former hot foil, foil printers ... call it what you want. There are hundreds of words.

Since 2008 we are also specialized in the unique "inline cold foil" printing. With this technique we make surprising printed matter with all possible metallic effects, including luxury packaging and packaging with foil printing.